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The Rum Kitchen


The Rum Kitchen

I love reviewing restaurants, I love them even more when the word ‘Rum’ is in the name.
but this one in particular has been on my hit-list since last summer!

After indulging in some jerk swordfish and all the other culinary delights of The Rum Kitchen at Feast Festival in Bricklane last year… I’ve been dying to have a long and drunken lunch at their restaurant.

& wow!
it did not disappoint – from the gorgeous waitresses and the kiss and cuddle upon arrival
(she won me over immediately!)
This Jamaican shack of joy is so relaxed, we ended up spending all afternoon there.

We had some banging plantain crisps while we perused the mouth watering menu.
It isn’t a huge menu, but that is not a bad thing – you wont need any more options!
Trust me, you’re going to get something you love here.

To start we ordered two “Lesser of Two Weevils”

P1030038 P1030039


To accompany our mind-blowing mash-up cocktail of red stripe, Jamaican ginger beer shandy spiked with Mount Gay Rum – We opted for the Salt Fish Fritters and sticky jerk ribs.

Now I don’t know if this is the rum talking, but they were some seriously excellent choices by us…




After quickly downing our cocktails to calm the fire of spicey jerk and chilli dressings, 2 beers please.
& then swiftly followed by our mains

P1030071 P1030073

I definitely won on the mains front :

after originally heading in for the rainbow salad with grilled tuna – which looked stunning at the table next to me.
I then saw the woman behind devouring the crab burger & then there was no question.
The crab burger would be mine…

P1030075 P1030072

Soft Shell Crab Burger, with spicy tamarind sauce, ginger aioli & guava-lime relish.

We also had the Jerk Fried Chicken Thighs with Shoe-string onion rings, homemade slaw and rum jerk bbq ketchup.

Our awesome waitress gave us a tasting session of all the sauces, and well we went for them all…
a girls got to have options.


With two more beers to follow, we were suitably hiccup-ing our way out of The Rum Kitchen, with very satisfied customers. I’m planning my next visit already!



We Feast London


Culinary Delight, as the best of London’s a street food and restaurants come together
for 3 days over the sunniest weekend 2013 has to offer
We Feast London

From Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Ice Cream, to Jamaican Jerk to Fresh Oysters
The little feastival in a corner of Brick Lane was such a treat.

P1010069 P1010070 P1010067

Making three laps around the stalls before making any decisions… me and my accomplice then delved into a 4 course luncheon
and some inventively sweet summer cocktails.

The GE&T was my favorite with BeefEater Gin, Organic Elderflower & Zesty Tonic
perfect with my BBQ’d Swordfish & Chilli

Followed by the summery Ginger, Rum & Orange cocktail which went perfectly with the BBQ Jerk Chicken

both from The Rum Kitchen

P1010093 P1010094 P1010095

Next up… Black Pudding Scotch Eggs…. what?
possibly not the best choice for such a scorching hot day, but WOW.
this certainly cured any lingering feeling of a hangover I may have had and was so savory and well balance
with the most perfect melting orange yolk.

P1010101 P1010102 P1010107

Then… With a full belly I stumbled upon the Peanut Butter ice cream stall….

Beautiful little Ice Cream Sandwiches, the most indulgent PB & J Sandwich of all time.

P1010110 P1010112 P1010111

It was a delicious little day, everything was outstanding, the atmosphere was great, with deckchairs, crochet and barn benches.
The cocktails flowed all day and what a lovely bunch!

I walked away with my very satisfied taste buds,

Looking forward to the September edition!