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We Feast London


Culinary Delight, as the best of London’s a street food and restaurants come together
for 3 days over the sunniest weekend 2013 has to offer
We Feast London

From Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Ice Cream, to Jamaican Jerk to Fresh Oysters
The little feastival in a corner of Brick Lane was such a treat.

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Making three laps around the stalls before making any decisions… me and my accomplice then delved into a 4 course luncheon
and some inventively sweet summer cocktails.

The GE&T was my favorite with BeefEater Gin, Organic Elderflower & Zesty Tonic
perfect with my BBQ’d Swordfish & Chilli

Followed by the summery Ginger, Rum & Orange cocktail which went perfectly with the BBQ Jerk Chicken

both from The Rum Kitchen

P1010093 P1010094 P1010095

Next up… Black Pudding Scotch Eggs…. what?
possibly not the best choice for such a scorching hot day, but WOW.
this certainly cured any lingering feeling of a hangover I may have had and was so savory and well balance
with the most perfect melting orange yolk.

P1010101 P1010102 P1010107

Then… With a full belly I stumbled upon the Peanut Butter ice cream stall….

Beautiful little Ice Cream Sandwiches, the most indulgent PB & J Sandwich of all time.

P1010110 P1010112 P1010111

It was a delicious little day, everything was outstanding, the atmosphere was great, with deckchairs, crochet and barn benches.
The cocktails flowed all day and what a lovely bunch!

I walked away with my very satisfied taste buds,

Looking forward to the September edition!



Riverboat Food Fest

The Finest Food, Fresh Off the Street

Featuring Hardcore Eats
from 15 of London’s Top Street Chefs

I for one am extremely excited about this weekend, look at what the tasty lot have got on offer:

Twenty Something London is collaborating with 15 of London’s most talented, radical street food vendors on a boat,
As of Thursday 27th June Twenty Something London are presenting:

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 16.53.40

What’s it all about? I wanted to know the same thing:

Really, really great food, that’s what – a unique fusion of fine dining with the greatest street eating, all aboard a beautifully converted Dutch barge with fantastic views over the Thames, accompanied by hairspray-fuelled 80s and 90s anthems from DJs such as Young & Lost Club and Live & Unamplified.

Holy Monkey.
Sounds good right?

Riverboat Food Fest 3

Starting off your evening on the beautiful Thames riverbank and watching the Summer night roll in, sipping something from the cocktail menu of exquisite new tastes for a bargain £5 each, such as the rum shaken coconut cream “Painkiller”, but with so many fantastic Collaborators for this event, you wont be short of a tasty refreshment :

  • Kamm and Sons Ginseng Spirit
  • Pussers Rum
  • Averna Amaro
  • Mandarine Napoléon
  • Jameson Whiskey
  • Casadores Tequila

Riverboat Food Fest 2
On top of the deliciously boozy cocktail menu you have the main event

A 5 courses menu specially curated by the 15 gurus of guerrilla dining.
Riverboat Food Fest are offering up the creme-de-la-creme of the street-dining world
on a tasty platter for 3 nights only 27th June-29th June

&The rules are simple too,
no substitutions, no veggie options, no well done steaks.

My idea of Heaven?


This event is not for flavour phobics, and I’ve been told that non-foodies need not apply.

Riverboat Food Fest promises a spectacular re-ignition of the real food flame,
& it’s all for an extremely and ridiculously reasonable price of £25.00

It’s going to be a hedonistic evening for your taste buds; a Glastonbury for gourmets!

#RiverboatFoodFest 27-29 June

With that list of contributors this is definitely not an evening to be missed!
I’m such a fan of so many of these street food stalls

I bought my ticket here

& Cannot wait to chow down.
Cocktail in hand