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Part 2 : PRAGUE


I Could not recommend Prague MORE!
I had the best time ever, and was sad to leave


It was so diverse, from visiting the sex museums, drinking EXCEPTIONAL Pilsner and dancing in the streets
to climbing to the top of the Astronomical Clock and hiking up hills to enjoy the view & hot chocolates.

P1020353 P1020229 P1020352

Prague is actually really romantic – and I thought I was in for a ‘lads’ weekend!
so it was lovely just to enjoy some time doing what we do best.

Eating &Drinking in Prague:

The wine is really bloody cheap, as is the beer – and the Czechs don’t not do badly at their regional tipple!
so finding little brick underground bars was my favourite lunch time mission:



That’s right
That is hollowed out fresh bread
with a beef!



P1020174 P1020303

P1020155 P1020360

and then getting lost in the incredible old cobbled streets near the famous gothic Chares Bridge
it was brilliant! I bought so many prints and things for our new home
everybody is a struggling artist, or a poet in Prague… or just plain drunk… I Loved it.


After a day of museums of the less sexy kind
it was all about the cake!

I think Tiramisu is on the to make list.
so that’s the next blog for you to anticipate….




Russian Dumplings.

My apologies for my tardy blog post this week!

I was holding our to review this amazing event I was invited to last night for you all.

The lovely Matt from asked me to come along and take on some Russian inspired food for them

I’m mean

So after throwing on my red lipstick I headed over to Troxy

After entering from a secret entrance
&being led by some beautiful women with husky Russian accents

I knew I was in for a treat!

we walked through to an amazing ball held by the “Russian Embassador”,


photo 1
sponsored by Compare the Market and in honor of their new advert
and introducing Miaya as a secret agent


so after gauping at Liz Hurley, who hosted the event
(and looked incredible)


Liz Hurley for Compare The Market Photograph by John Wright
Future Cinema took over the reigns with an amazing live cinema screening of Mission Impossible!
Whilst I drank mountains of champagne – de-light-ful.

I chowed down on some amazing suckling pig, Russian Dumplings & Sauerkraut
which was so so good, really savory, melt in the mouth dumplings.

I love the word Dumplings.

& then a bang on trend man-eat of Chicken Schnitzel Burger!

2013-08-21 23.35.49
Followed by an interim of chatting with some beautiful people
more Champagne & Tom Cruise

Then Finally,
Some beautiful apple & cinnamon Strudel with Vanilla Whipped Cream!

I got to spend my evening with some lovely people, including Erica, check out her blog
& The icing on the cake – these bad boys:

which I haven’t taken off since.

I’ll definitely be trying some new Russian inspired recipes this week!

Goulash is back on the menu!




Being invited down for a ‘bloggers tasting evening’ at Stoke Newington based Japanese restaurant Oishii
really made my Wednesday!
2013-07-17 17.45.26

Massive Japanese fans over here!
We were really excited to try some of the amazing dishes that they had teasingly sent over to me earlier in the week:

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 17.03.35

The starters were awesome, the tempura jelly-fish was a real highlight!
well I was enjoying it the most until i flipped it half way across the restaurant with my chop stick skills

-it was amazing so I’m going to be recreating that very soon!

2013-07-17 19.35.08 2013-07-17 19.35.14

Other than that we had a mixture of sushi and sashimi which was all very nice indeed!
BUT warm sake and nibbling on wasabi peas was enough to keep my attention (hic) until the next course arrived

2013-07-17 19.24.12

The Next course was Chicken Dumpling noodle soup, These crispy take on Gyoza dumblings in a really savoury chicken broth!


This was my favourite thing by far..2013-07-17 20.14.42 2013-07-17 20.20.032013-07-17 20.19.23

+ a bit more sake, it was Wednesday after all…

& bizarrely fried cream cheese and cold boiled egg mayonnaise mix
was not too keen on that one

2013-07-17 20.19.45 2013-07-17 20.22.59

Oishiii was a real mixture, of good tempura dishes & odd combinations of cold dishes.
fabulous crockery like this small green soy sauce pouring pot but run down decor
The owner, Teik, who was lovely and sat with us for most of the meal was fun, generous and passionate about Cocktails
– my kind of man.

MY TAKE? If your in Stoke Newington, Hackney
for any reason then it’s worth popping in for a sushi lunch date,
and maybe a little sing along in the underground Karaoke room…


I’ll leave you to decide on this one…
2013-07-17 21.26.22

I’ll have another Asahi instead

It was great to go to my first ‘bloggers’ event

I thoroughly love an evening of free food and drink

for all enquiries & invites
you can get in touch via my Twitter


We Feast London


Culinary Delight, as the best of London’s a street food and restaurants come together
for 3 days over the sunniest weekend 2013 has to offer
We Feast London

From Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Ice Cream, to Jamaican Jerk to Fresh Oysters
The little feastival in a corner of Brick Lane was such a treat.

P1010069 P1010070 P1010067

Making three laps around the stalls before making any decisions… me and my accomplice then delved into a 4 course luncheon
and some inventively sweet summer cocktails.

The GE&T was my favorite with BeefEater Gin, Organic Elderflower & Zesty Tonic
perfect with my BBQ’d Swordfish & Chilli

Followed by the summery Ginger, Rum & Orange cocktail which went perfectly with the BBQ Jerk Chicken

both from The Rum Kitchen

P1010093 P1010094 P1010095

Next up… Black Pudding Scotch Eggs…. what?
possibly not the best choice for such a scorching hot day, but WOW.
this certainly cured any lingering feeling of a hangover I may have had and was so savory and well balance
with the most perfect melting orange yolk.

P1010101 P1010102 P1010107

Then… With a full belly I stumbled upon the Peanut Butter ice cream stall….

Beautiful little Ice Cream Sandwiches, the most indulgent PB & J Sandwich of all time.

P1010110 P1010112 P1010111

It was a delicious little day, everything was outstanding, the atmosphere was great, with deckchairs, crochet and barn benches.
The cocktails flowed all day and what a lovely bunch!

I walked away with my very satisfied taste buds,

Looking forward to the September edition!