7 a Day

In light of this weeks big foodie news, that 5 fruit & veg a day just isn’t quite enough…
I’ll be starting a little series called 7 a day,
where I’ll be sharing some of the ways I reach well over my recommended fruit and veg intake!

From Jamie’s amazing Meat-free Mondays, I’ve started Sunrise Smoothies and all sorts of other healthy ways to eat more fresh foods and steer well clear away from processed and microwavable foods in this house. Not only is eating that way super expensive, it’s not happy or healthy food!

Reaching your 7 a Day and above doesn’t need to seem like such a chore!
& I am excited to show you breakfast, lunches and dinners that can help you load up on all that veggie goodness!

Morning smoothie’s
Here is a lovely loaded berry recipe:


1 x Banana
1 x Advocado
a bowl of Frozen berries and cherries
5 teaspoons of your favourite yoghurt
1/2 cup of milk

if your feeling cheeky add a tiny dash of maple syrup! it has less calories than honey – did you know that?

It is super simple!

throw it in and whizz it up, gulp it down and then your already 3 of your 7 up before you’ve even had a shower!



 P1020970 P1020971

P1020972 P1020974

P1020976 P1020978

P1020984 P1020987




Strawberry, Cherry, Banana goodness!
The added avocado adds a delicious creamy texture

A perfect way to start your day!
What are your favourite homemade smoothies? I’d love to hear!
& if you have any top tips for cramming in lots of fruit and veg into your everyday I want to hear all about that too!





  1. sushisushibento

    I make bentos for the majority of my family every day which leaves me a little uninspired for my lunch choices sometimes. I love my veggies so I normally take a big box of diced sweet potato, carrots, pepper and pak choi and microwave it at lunchtime and top with a whole avocado. So filling and easy to prep 🙂

    • Sausage Tarts & Marmalade Rolls

      mmmm packing lunch is so important isn’t it! and topping it all with avocado just sounds gorgeous!
      today I’m all about humus, with carrots, peppers, tomatoes & celery. dips dips dips 🙂

  2. knattster

    I always find that stirring grated carrot and onion into stew-type meals (and bolognaise) is a great way of topping up the veg count. I just made butternut squash falafels for packed lunch to have with hummus and salad – that must be 3 of the 7 at least. A grated apple in your porridge in the morning is another one. Your smoothie sounds yummy.

    • Sausage Tarts & Marmalade Rolls

      I love these ideas! I’ll definitely be grating apple into my porridge of a morning – veg is easy, I love it and eat so much, but I find it so much harder with fruit! great idea! Thank you

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